Original Art, Designs and Photography by Danae

The People I’ve Met by Angelique White

This was written by a good friend of mine , Angelique. She is a beautiful soul inside and out.

She wrote this about the neighborhood we met in over 8 years ago.

She has come so far and her and fiancé are now business owners. Anything is possible if you don’t quit on your dreams.


The People I’ve Met

 Roaches scavenging beneath resting feet

don’t inspire the greatest dreams but we still dream.

Awake we dream while we meticulously clean

still that doesn’t keep them away but the dreams also stay    

The dreams always stay even if underpaid workers spray twice a month

and a chemical daze is a small price to pay for the small price we pay

so while our nappy head ramon feed children play,

we daydream about one day, one day making it out


And its a shame this is where our lives have led

borrowed beds with bed bugs electricity from an extension cord

at least the neighbors share

and we all hear the shots busted by the mailbox

but no point in calling cops when it takes over an hour for a response

and there is no point in peeking out

but the walls are paper thin so peek in on the kids to make sure they’re

still breathing, while they’re still lucky enough to be dreaming while  sleeping

unaware of the creeps that are creeping

tricks that are treating

lurks that are leaping we are all hungry

and you have to survive to be eating.


So she prances back and forth in her almost nothing clothes

body exposed but mind on a mission

fully aware and seeking those with such intentions

even if they’re bad intentions cause see daddy doesn’t get a pension

so I will work for this unfulfilling attention to fill my pockets

fat with cash so soon me and pops,

me and pops can make a quick dash

out of this place, out of this world


And the bits of wisdom I’ve received from the old black man

perched daily in front of the liquor store across the street

will stay within me. My own self help book

today, cain in hand, he said

“There’s still time. Don’t wind up like me”

So I will read the crack induced nonsense

right along with the filling red meat

in hopes that one day I will read a tid-bit

that will one day change me.


And I know his hustle. I’ve seen his hustle before

My dad had his favorite gas station stationed

next to the liquor store, gas can in hand but car

only in his dreams. Saying “anything helps cause

that dreamt up car just broke down down the street

and if you help me, you’ll help me

drive towards my destiny. Drive away”


Around my home town many have the luxury

of not living next to us “lower crust” and its too bad

its too bad you’ll look down with a judgmental glance

at that old black man who if only given the chance could quite

possibly change the world and you’ll never meet the

countless girls who had to trade their dignity

for the pipe dream of simply sustaining

maintaining when there are plenty enough

people in this world for someone to have told them

that they are beautiful and no amount is worth your soul

so here is my shirt cover your scars

and here is my wallet, buy yourself a new idea of self worth

because you are worth. I am worth.

So don’t you dare call us lazy  when it takes more work

just to eat. let alone dream

but us with the weight of our world on our backs

eyes to the skies while stomping the roaches beneath feet

We still, we still find the time to dream.

This was written by Angelique White