Original Art, Designs and Photography by Danae

How I Got Started

I’ve recently had a lot of messages asking me how I got started doing what I do and where did I get the money to start this? The truth is about 2 years ago not long after a big failed business attempt, I came across one of those annoying facebook ads for this weird glittery pen. It was glitter. It was rainbow. I had to buy it!! So, I opened the website and the pen was $12 and the website was sketchy. I exited out and went on a mission with google to find this pen. During this search for this pen I realized they were hard to find (mind you this was over 2 years ago). Something clicked in my head and I decided I was going to get some of these and sell them. I immediately started researching and making a plan. I used a free printable small business planner to help me organize my thoughts and ideas and put my plan into action. I wanted to sell floating glitter pens, I had $350 to my name and I was determined. I started reaching out to Pen factories and trying to get quotes on these pens. I kept running into one major roadblock though. The minimum order quantities for these factories was UNREAL. So, for the next week I sent email after email to suppliers and manufactures asking for someone to please work with me on a very small order with the promise I would double it next time.

I finally found someone to agree. I placed my order with him and within a week I had a box of beautiful glitter pens. I posted them for days and days. Nobody cared. Nobody wanted them. In fact, I had someone ask me how I slept at night charging $3 for one pen. Truth is I was getting really discouraged and I felt like giving up. But I’m not that type of person. so, I kept posting them and then one day everyone went wild. I sold every pen I bought that day and placed another order. Double in size as promised. I did this a few times and became bored with it… It was boring I wasn’t having fun anymore. I was ready to move on but I’m always in constant brainstorm mode and so I asked my supplier if they had any other cute pens? THEY DID! So, I added some new styles and colors, and this was fun for a while. I was looking at cool pens at some ungodly hour of the morning and I came across the same glitter pens. BUT they had flowers in them! I was excited because they were different but honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the flowers and then it hit me like a ton of bricks… I asked the manufacturer if they would sell those pens to me empty. I asked them what did they use in them to make the stuff float? Water? To my absolute delight I got the message back that yes in fact they would sell them empty and not only that but look at all these new colors and styles. They also had no problem letting me know that they use food grade mineral oil in the pens. GAME CHANGER. I started looking for glitter to put in them. I purchased Walmart glitter, hobby lobby glitter and from high end glitter dealers and I got to work. I began experimenting and I ruined a good handful of pens before I got the hang of it. Since then I have made thousands upon thousands of pens myself. This business has allowed me to be creative ad help support my family. There are times my hands barely can clench a fist because they are so sore from making pens or my back is aching from hunching over packing orders or I have so much glitter caked on myself and every inch of my house I swear I’m just going to move and leave everything behind but honestly I would not change it for anything because in these 2 years I have learned SO MUCH.. I have gone thru numerous rebranding’s I have had health issues I have lost loved ones. I’ve had months my business brought in ZERO dollars and times when I’ve brought in over $8000 in a month with PENS but the constant is that I know I am giving it my all and that’s what carries me through!
 A lot of people have started making and selling these pens since I have and it doesn't bother me. In fact I support and share their creations as well I even taught quite a few people how to make them and what products work best.. Every person will have their own customer base and their own style. I fully believe in empowering and supporting others in their dreams. 

When people ask me for advice or ask me how I made it happen I tell everyone the same thing.

My business continues to thrive and grow because I am determined. Because I don’t give up because when I fall on my face and lose it all I get back up. I rebuild. When I fuck up I OWN IT. When I spend $500 on supplies for a product that doesn’t budge. I figure out what I can learn from the situation I try to recover some costs and I move on. I don’t dwell on my failures. I refuse to let things from my past even from last week hold me back from my dream.

 My dream is not to become a millionaire but to leave behind a legacy.